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New Seniors Health and Wellness Village at Peel Manor is part of the Region’s pioneering efforts to transform dementia care

The recently released Toronto Star article “The Fix” features the Region of Peel’s pioneering efforts to introduce the Butterfly Model, a transformative approach to dementia care, in its long-term care homes. Montgomery Sisam is proud to support this endeavor through design in the new Seniors Health and Wellness Village at Peel Manor.

The article, penned by investigative journalist Moira Welsh, offers an eye-opening exposé on the year-long transformation of the dementia care wing at Malton Village into a vibrant, loving place dedicated to helping its residents and staff live full, rich, meaningful lives. 

The dementia care wing at Malton Village is pioneering Ontario’s first Butterfly Model. Developed by Dr. David Sheard nearly twenty years ago, the Butterfly Model privileges an emotionally intelligent approach to care over a task oriented one, resulting in strong, meaningful connections between staff and residents. Beyond staff education and training, nurturing these connections demands creating a more intimate and stimulating physical care environment. A Butterfly home encourages respect, compassion and connection; it promotes interest, activity, and engagement.

Montgomery Sisam is currently designing the new Seniors Health and Wellness Village (SHWV) at Peel Manor. Set to open in 2022, it will be the first purpose-built long-term care home in Ontario inspired by the Butterfly Model. Among its most defining features are the Resident Home Areas designed to be apportioned into smaller, more intimate 15-bed households without losing the efficiencies of a 30-bed care structure; new homestyle kitchens (as opposed to more traditional centralized ones) that allow residents to be more involved in the preparation of their meals; semi-conditioned indoor-outdoor spaces that not only bring natural light deep into each household but support free movement and less structured activities year round; a series of Montessori touch down stations that offer sensory stimulation and important opportunities for interaction; minimal double-loaded corridors that encourage perambulation and unencumbered access to resident social spaces; and a select palette of bright colours that bring visual interest and vibrancy into the home.

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